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Plan a Date Night? A Date Night is a typically pre-planned evening when a committed couple carves out some time for themselves away from their children and other responsibilities. Life happens and the intentions of date nights are left on the back burner.

A Date Night definition includes a sense of leaving the ordinary realm of daily experience. You dress differently. You go to a different place, or engage in a different activity that isn’t part of your daily routine. Date Nights are special, and out of the ordinary.

The social-science literature clearly tells us the importance of dating in a relationship…even for married couples. Research tells us that Date Night builds stronger marriages in five ways:


Date Night helps with communication. This is an essential element of an intimate relationship. But communication also involves the willingness to deliberately remove distractions such as children and career demands.

A balance of activities, interesting to both, which emphasizes novel and different experiences can help increase intimacy.

Let’s Do It.
Romantic love is that erotic spark, excitement, and an overwhelming sense of attraction to your significant other.

Couples that have a regular Date Nights maintain a connection through intimate conversation and emotional support. They also lower the stress on their own brains, as well as their partners. Fortunately, nature has endowed us with great resiliency in this area.

Abiding Relationship Commitment. 
Date Night builds attachment. When you experience the commitment of your partner, your sense of being firmly attached will provide you with a stable, deeply satisfying relationship.


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